Lutes Casino is a fun place in Yuma

If you’ve been to Wall Drug in Souh Dakota, you know the spirit of Lutes Casino in Yuma, Arizona. It’s the state’s oldest pool hall, but who wants to play pool when there is so much to eat and look at. Yes, that is an old cowboy boot plunging through the ceiling and a plane gliding overhead. Suspended from the ceiling are a full sized Signal Gas sign and a sign for Western Union. Wall art, ceiling art, and standing curiosities give the casino a weird-dream ambiance. Lutes describes the art as “early eclectic. If that is too fancy a term, just think “interesting junk.”
Confusing and baffling eye candy is a great setting for live music pounding out of the piano and a happy-go-lucky Bob wandering around with badges proclaiming “I said ‘no’ to Bob. (I said “yes” but got a badge anyway, but no free beer.)
Lots of locals, lots of travelers, even a few kids smiling and bonding and proud to be “where the elite eat.”
So what’s to eat? Just like a kid, I can never decide if I want a hot dog or a hamburger. Lutes has solved this culinary confusion by offering a hot dog cheese burger with or without hot sauce. Add chili cheese fries, and you will know you have had a meal. Potato tacos have a cult following,, so order one for the table and pass it around.
Lutes is one of those fun places where you can take the kids. Men can feel safe from outlaws and pool cheaters because the men’s room has a window configured so the user can keep his eye on the room. Ladies must take their chances, but in the spirit of the Old West, ladies are a protected species, especially if they say ‘no’ to Bob.
As a companion to your Wall Drug tee-shirt, or to start a collection, buy the Lutes tee shirt. People who know Lutes will be sure to stop and say “howdy” even if you are cruising the Greek islands.

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More advertising drives traffic to non-functioning Obamacare exchange websites

As if it weren’t enough that the federal government’s spending $1 billion in tax money – more than all but two American advertisers –to promote Obamacare exchanges, now insurance companies are getting into the act, Advertising Age reported October 1.
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If successful, these efforts will result in driving consumer traffic to exchange websites that aren’t ready for prime time yet.
Competing for share
While the government campaign’s objective was category expansion – i.e., getting consumers, particularly healthy 20somethings whose premiums would subsidize older, sicker and richer Americans’ coverage – to buy the insurance in general, the insurance companies’ campaigns are aimed at winning a bigger share of the new policies for their brands.
…health-insurance companies are hoping to take advantage of the law’s complexity to lure new members to their plans.
“We need to not only protect our turf, but we’ve got to acquire our fair share of the new market that’s up for grabs, because a segment of consumers are going to be looking to different sources for information,” said WellPoint Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Blair.
“You’re really going to see people spend more [on marketing] throughout this period,” said Lindsay Resnick, chief marketing officer at KMB Group, a marketing firm that’s working with several health-plan providers, including six Blue Cross Blue Shield clients, on campaigns involving digital and TV.
Although direct-response campaigns will include print, television radio, search and digital display components, most of the non-government advertising money is going into social media. The reason, Cigna VP-customer acquisitions Lisa Lough explained, is, “Social media is, of course, an important vehicle for reaching younger demographics.”
Digital dead ends
But the better these campaigns work in the marketplace, the more consumers they’ll succeed in driving to digital dead ends. That’s because the state and federal Obamacare exchange websites just aren’t in working order.
Over at the mother ship, the HHS website, healthcare.gov, first displayed error messages, then told visitors that “the site is down for the moment.” Using other media, the feds announced that the Spanish-language version of the site that’s “down for a moment” won’t be up for about another month.
In Rhode Island, Christine Ferguson, director of the state’s Obamacare exchange site, said, “As this unveils, it is going to be very clear that everything can’t be done on a computer.” Now she tells us.
Nevada’s Spanish version of its Silver State Exchange won’t be up until at least November 15 – a delay of 45 days or more.
In Oregon, home of the information-free flying hippie Obamacare commercial, state exchange director Rocky King predicted, “We could crash and burn and have to close it down.” Right now, the site’s posting a “down for maintenance” message, and the state’s requiring people who want to sign up to use an insurance agent or community group for at least the next few weeks.
The District of Columbia website can neither “calculate insurance-premium costs when factoring in tax credits, or subsidies, for lower-income customers” nor determine who’s eligible for expanded Medicaid subsidies.
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers, of Washington state, tweeted, “Obamacare exchanges open today and #WA State’s website isn’t even working. Precursor to the complications to come.”
California’s Obamacare exchange was offline.
So was Connecticut’s.
And Kentucky’s.
For at least a month, Colorado’s Connect for Health exchange site “will not be fully operational because of problems calculating the subsidies.” Visitors to the site get an error message comprising seven lines of small type filled with programming jargon. (See slide show.)
Maryland’s state-run exchange won’t be able to enroll small businesses until January or cover their employees until March at the earliest – delays of three and at least five months from the supposed October 1 startup. The exchange site itself isn’t up, and customer service is telling callers it’s “having issues.”
When Detroit News columnist Henry Payne tried to use the Obamacare exchange site in Michigan, he wrote, “After recording my user [ID] and password, Page 3 asked me three questions to assure account security. Except that the questions weren’t visible. Did this mean I was to make up my own questions (mother’s maiden name, for ex.)? No, when I tried my own question, nothing happened. When I clicked on the ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ button, I got an error page telling me I must first answer the three questions (‘THIS FIELD IS REQUIRED’). So I clicked the handy “Live chat” button to talk with an administrator to solve my security question problem. Except that an administrator did not reply to my question. For over half-an-hour. I gave up.” No wonder his headline calls it The Affordable Glitch Act.
In Minnesota, where watching a Paul Bunyan statue getting beaten up in television commercials was supposed to sell 20somethings on Obamacare, the website’s announcing a half-day delay for most people – but “If you are an American Indian, we recommend waiting until next week…” What’s more, “Our Assister Network of Agents/Brokers and Navigators are [still] in the final stages of certification.” But not to worry, because a directory of the Assister Network – not necessarily the Assisters themselves – will be available in a few days.
Virginians get a message to “Please Wait.” But without the old magazines you’d find in a doctor’s office to help you pass the time.
Visitors to New York’s site get, “Error 500: java.lang.NullPointerException.” That explains everything.
So here we have a product that survey after survey shows a majority American consumers hate and whose target audience is hopelessly confused as to how it works. And now, to put icing on the cake, many of those consumers who do want the product can’t get it because the retail outlets are hopelessly unready.
Oh, wait a second. They’re not unready, according to Oregon Obamacare exchange executive director Rocky King. It’s all part of a plan, he claims. Oregon set up these “soft launches,” as he’s calling them, to make sure trained personnel are involved to catch any initial technical glitches, he told CNN, because “The complexity of the system is just amazing.” And as for what’s happening – or rather not happening – as a result, he says, “It’s not a delay, it’s a stage.”
Or, as HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius shrugged it all off on MSNBC, “So we have had a few slowdowns, a few glitches, but it’s sort of a great problem to have.” Unless you happen to be one of the desperately sick and uninsured people Obamacare was supposedly designed to help in the first place.

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Quick FAQs to Know Before Exhibiting in Dubai Exhibitions

Following FAQs will answer your general questions, if you are going to exhibit in Dubai exhibition organized at DWTC (Dubai World Trade Centre):
What Is The Use Of These Sockets?
500w – Utilize these sockets for fridge, water cooler, TV, computer, DVD player and phone charger
1kw – vacuum cleaner, small machines like coffee makers, plasma screen, projector and microwave
3kw – electric kettle and coffee machines
If you still want to confirm the supply and save your appliances, then check the appliance’s box or instruction booklet. It should carry the relevant information. Otherwise you can take help of the event organizer.
What If I Want To Use a Four Way Adaptor?
Four way adaptors can also be used provided you use it from 500w socket only. Generally 2 meter lead is also provided with four way adaptor. However; make sure that more than one four way adaptors are not connected into one another.
How Should I Use Light On My Stand?
The feel of your exhibition stand can be totally altered with the use of different types of lights. Here are the standard types of lighting you can use but you must take advice of your creative team or the organizing committee for further elaboration of your goals in lighting.
120w Spotlights: When you want your theme to be projected in subtler form, then pick 120w spotlights. These are adjusted on lighting tracks so you can position them to make some product dominant, to display your graphical work or to throw light in a general way on all the products. If you want to use 120w for general lighting that order 1 will be suitable for a 3 sq-m stand. You can use 120w lighting with extension arms to make some parts of the stand, products or specific graphics highlighted. For this type of lighting, order 1 of 120w lighting is suitable for every meter of the panel.
50w Spotlights: There is not much difference in 50w lighting and 120w lighting. The only difference is that 50w lighting is used for more detailed projection or to make very specific points of the stand prominent. Another amazing benefit of 50w lighting is that you can use them as down lighters or uplighters.
Fluorescent Strips: These are available in vibrant range of colors and give a very bright and striking effect to the stand. Fluorescent lights are used to brighten complete space of the stand. You can use adjust them under bar counters or fix them in light boxes for general lighting. For colorful themes and lifestyle stands, fluorescent strips are highly recommended.
If I am Using a Shell Scheme Panel, Then How Can I Stick Things To It?
There are two types of shell scheme panels. The first type is filled with Foamex and the second type has wood infills.
For the Foamex type, you could use sticky pads, Velcro, Blutack and sellotapes. Nails, glues, ordinary tapes, staples and screws are not suitable for these panels.
Nails, screws and staples can be used for wood infill panels. But make sure that your sticking substance can hold on the weight of your panel. Glues are not suitable for this type as well.
What Should I do If My Exhibit Display has Greater Height Than the Shell Scheme?
A general process for this problem is to contact the event organizer or DWTC management in case of DWTC exhibition for permission. Then produce a written document for the shell scheme contractor also. If your stand has very high display, then you might need to take permission for extra equipments required.
I Want a Storage Area to Secure Some Documents And Equipments On My Stand. What Should I Do?
For storage area, request for some curtain, a drawer, or a lockable door with your shell scheme panel.
My Counter Is Already a Secured One. What Should I Do If I Want To Attach My Own Graphics?
You are allowed to attach your own graphics but different organizers offer different procedures of attachment. Please go through the process of attachment first.
I Want a Paint Of My Own Choice On The Shell Scheme Panel.
Generally, the organizers allow the exhibitors to paint their panels but for this purpose, take the services of your contractor.
How Can a 100 MM Platform Help Me In The Exhibition?
100 mm platforms are for bigger projects. These help you to conceal the big pipe works or wireworks in an unsighted manner. Sometimes, the exhibitors need sockets somewhere else than the back wall. If you are the one then make sure that you order it in advance. Most often, a 100 mm platform has black or dark skirting without any aluminum edging. If you have chosen a 100 mm platform, then inform your contractor to provide a carpet or covering as well.
What are 18 MM Floor Flats For?
Although, the trend of painting the venue floor has become common, but still some organizers use carpeting. Ask your organizer about the flooring. If they are using a carpet and you want your personal flooring then you would need to order 18 mm floor flat. The size would vary according to your stand size.
What If I Want to Hang My Graphics from Stand?
There are various options available for hanging your graphics but your specific option depends on your size of graphics.
Suspension Chains: If your graphics are small or medium sized, then use suspension chains. These chains hang the graphics from the shell scheme’s top. But you would need to discuss the weight capability of your shell scheme with the contractor. Along with the suspension chains, you would need wires, strings, ropes or bands to fix the graphics.
Graphic Retainers: The most ideal option for 2 mm to 22 mm thick graphics is the graphic retainers. These are specially designed retainers which can hang your graphics without any ropes, strings, bands or extra wires.
Printing the Graphics to Shell Scheme Panels: Printing is used for totally different types of stands. If you want to display your graphics on various panels then use the printing method. But the conditions might be different for different organizers. Discuss the conditions with organizer before the show.

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